Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy - details and activities

Orde Avenue
Great Yarmouth
NR31 6SZ

Course Title Dates Time
Football 16 Sep 2019 - 9 Dec 2019 15:15 - 16:15 less info »

Ages: 4 - 11 Online Price: £48.00 Offline Price: £53.00 Remaining places: 12

Course Days:


Course description:

For all kids that love SPORT…

Many children have ambitions to play for their favourite teams or to set out on a path that might lead them to become the Olympic stars of the future.

SPORT Active introduces the skills, techniques, rules and regulations of a wide variety of sports and activities, from basketball to gymnastics, football and many more. Typically run in 60 minute sessions after school, all children are encouraged to take part to a level that suits them and through which they can see their skills develop into superstars of the future.

An essential part of training for all sports is learning to compete fairly and to win or lose with respect for other competitors. Children participating on this course will also learn to:

  • Develop key skills and techniques of specific sports
  • Develop the ability and attitude to compete fairly and ethically
  • Use tactics and strategies to increase chance of success individually and in teams
  • Understand the importance of healthy lifestyles
  • Engage and interact appropriately with other children
  • Improved control, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with others
  • Ability to follow rules and respect themselves and others
  • Set realistic challenges to achieve

At participating venues Children attending these activities can also work towards a Passport to Learning certificate, developed by the Children’s University.

As well as learning plenty of social skills, getting physically active and having great fun with friends, your child will also learn the key attributes to develop and sometimes excel in this sport.

Your child will learn the following key sporting skills:

  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Rules of the game
  • Refereeing
  • Matches
  • Teamwork
  • Goal keeping
  • Tactics
  • Tackling
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Streetdance 17 Sep 2019 - 10 Dec 2019 15:15 - 16:15 less info »

Ages: 4 - 11 Online Price: £48.00 Offline Price: £53.00 Remaining places: 10

Course Days:


Course description:

This is just about the coolest thing you can do for your kids.

They’ll get the moves and gain the confidence to express themselves in the style they see and love in music videos and movies. It’s where they can be themselves, and be better for it.

Energetic, fun and educational, it’s also totally cool!

Not exactly sure what Street Dance is?

Commercial dance, Street Jazz, Hip-Hop and Funk are all the words that fall under the umbrella known as Street Dance. Premier Performing Arts Street Dance Classes incorporate all of these styles to create and uplifting and exciting atmosphere to learn in.

You need to know these things! There’s a whole range of seriously cool moves in Street Dance.

Your kids will learn about things like-

  • Locking – that distinctive way of ‘freezing’ between moves
  • Popping – the jerky moves. Think Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake
  • Breaking – you know about Break Dancing!
  • Krumping – straight out of LA, sharp and very stylish!

It’s seriously cool!

They get started and get moving with a warm up session. It’s a great way to break the ice and lose any inhibitions. After learning some basic footwork they develop sequences of moves. They’re soon putting together a continuous dance.

This is high energy, and really productive, activity. By the time the class is over they’ll all have grasped some basic choreography.

Best of all? They’re stepping up in confidence and fitness while they do the steps that make them feel cool. They’re learning about teamwork while working the moves like they were in a video?

Children attending these activities can also work towards their Arts Award.

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Gymnastics 19 Sep 2019 - 12 Dec 2019 15:15 - 16:15 less info »

Ages: 4 - 11 Online Price: £48.00 Offline Price: £53.00 Remaining places: 13

Course Days:


Course description:

Premier are in partnership with British Gymnastics to increase the number of opportunities available to children wanting to take part in gymnastics and improve the quality of delivery. The partnership is focussed on extra-curricular and holiday club sessions, using a variety of gymnastics resources to ensure every child has a positive experience of the sport.

At a Premier gymnastics’ session, your child will develop skills and qualities using the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Award Scheme, Jump into Gymnastics and the POW! Academy.

Core Proficiency is British Gymnastics’ leading skills-based award scheme. It enables children to earn rewards for mastering the core skills, such as handstands and cartwheels, as well as rolls, jumps and balances, across 8 levels. Children will develop their agility, balance and coordination, whilst working individually, with a partner and with a variety of apparatus, providing the foundation to more complex skills.

The Jump into Gymnastics programme consists of hundreds of different activities for your child to explore. Each session is fun and exciting and aims to improve fundamental movement patterns such as rolling, jumping, spinning and balancing in pairs/groups as well as independently. Activities are themed, and your child will learn to apply their movement with the use of small apparatus like ribbons, balls, hoops, as well as on large apparatus where they can explore swinging, travelling, rebound and balance.

POW! Academy is British Gymnastics’ brand-new programme in partnership with Cartoon Network and The Powerpuff Girls. Children will earn rewards for sequencing their core skills, such as handstands, jumps, rolls and balances; and applying their own creative twist to demonstrate the key qualities shared by gymnasts and The Powerpuff Girls. Is your child powerful, like villain Mojo Jojo or confident, like Buttercup?

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