Working with schools to achieve their aims...

We have been working in partnership with Exeter and East Devon schools since 2005. We’ve built strong relationships and partnerships with many local schools with our team of Activity Professionals.

Our programmes, training and ethos are carefully planned with the help of our Educational Specialist, Yvonne Gandy who has developed sports leadership strategies in partnership with the Association of Physical Education, the Youth Sports Trust, Sport England and Sports Coach UK amongst others. In addition we are an accredited training provider, meaning we deliver qualifications and skill the work force.

As a founding member of ukactive Kids we continue to strive for excellence in the schools sector and have been actively campaigning to raise the standards of delivery within a school environment for every child and every school, whether we are the deliverer or not.

School Benefits

Quality and Impact Review of Schools

Premier Education Group recently sent out a survey to schools to evaluate what you think of the services we offer. We have collated the results into an infographic which you can download or view here...

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Children's inactivity study

Commenting on the worrying statistics, Olympic gold medallist and Premier Sport ambassador, Duncan Goodhew, said: “It doesn’t seem right that we regularly measure numeracy and literacy skills in school children but we don’t regularly measure something that could potentially kill them!”

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Our latest research study

Premier Sport published new research alarmingly revealing that only 10% of children are doing physical activity in every day with over a quarter of parents believing their child is not doing enough and 60% are worried about obesity levels in their children.

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Is your child physically ready for school?

According to the Independent’s article, new research has shown that there is a “concerning” number of today’s four year olds who are not physically ready to start school and their mobility levels are at an all time low.

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