Achieve Ofsted requirements with our unique School Portal


Our unique portal, bespoke to your school provides you, your teaching staff and department leads with a host of benefits and essential information that will support the full breadth of PE and physical activity which takes place within the school environment.

The Portal can integrate with your own school’s website and offers public information to parents.

And the best bit’s at NO additional COST!!

The portal has a host of benefits to your school, including the ability to communicate real-time announcements to parents, such as upcoming activity at your school to help maximise your Sport Premium Funding.

The portal has been praised by Head Teachers for the level of information it provides them with, its ease of use, simplicity and the benefits it brings. 

‘We use Premier Sport because they provide a high quality service. The School Portal means that school staff have easy access to the information about the coaches, in particular their DBS numbers and evidence of their qualifications.’ said, Danielle Warren, Head teacher at Brambleside Community Primary School, Northamptonshire.

Other great benefits include -

  • Integrating with your own schools website and offer public information to parent’s and communities a requirement of the PE and School Sport funding.
  • Individual pupil performance / attainment records for each attended course
  • Online access to information about our coaches, in particular their DBS numbers and evidence of their qualifications
  • Course assessment and attainment views displaying agreed learning objectives and outcomes. Especially important when reviewing and measuring impact of PE lessons.
  • You can invite parents to register for the Schools Portal so they can access activities at the school

We’ll be launching more great benefits over the coming months...

To find out more and to register your school please contact us