An App-le a Day...


Are you a techie and a fitness freak? Great! Why not combine your love of keeping fit with your passion for the hottest technology? And if going out and getting some exercise doesn’t really appeal to you – there’s something to inspire you on the market.

Couch to 5K       

This fantastic app will get you up and running. Whether your goal is to get fitter, run a race or to just get outside, it will have you off the couch for 3 workouts each week, for an 8 week period. You can find it for free on the IOS and Android app stores.

Spotify – Running

You’ve probably used or heard of Spotify before – but did you know about its awesome running feature? You can select from an enormous range of brilliant beats to run to – and the music will match your tempo. So get running and you’ll find motivation in your favourite tunes. Get it on IOS and Android.

Charity Miles

Each time you head outside, you can do some good for your health - and make a real difference to others. Charity Miles is great little app, available on IOS and Android, which has you earning money for a charity of your choice, each time you run, walk or jog.

Zepp Sports Trackers

Zepp produce a variety of sports sensors to help you track, analyse, and improve performance in training and matches. Their technology is the ideal tool to help you bring on your game, especially if Tennis, Golf or Football is your thing. The only drawback is the price, and for this premium tech, you do pay the premium price of around £100, but, if you’re a perfectionist, it may just be the real deal.

Moov Now

This fitness wearable has lit the market up, winning numerous awards and triumphing over some strong competition – Apple & Fitbit to name just a couple. Coming in at under £50, this cheap motion sensor is more than an activity and sleep tracker. So much so that these are just minor features; the Moov Now has built a reputation around coaching it’s users to be fitter, faster and stronger than when they first picked up the device. Whatever your activity is, the Now is in no doubt that it can help you to reach the next level.

We’re here to help you get fit, but if these five handy bits of tech don’t suit your needs, then maybe a Fit-Trition session does.

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