Childhood Memories...


This week, we hear from Creative Director Frankie Worthington. Frankie talks childhood memories, experiences as a parent, and how we can combat the culture of childhood inactivity - embracing new technologies and getting back to nature...

Childhood memories…

So I guess the question is, where do I start? My favourite? My worst? My weirdest?

As a mum, I guess I want my children to have all of these, but which ones do I want to help make?

Was it climbing trees, making dens in the woods, spilling nail varnish on my carpet (and my mother being less than impressed), or forcing my hamster to eat through my TV cables so that I could get a new one? (Yes, that happened!).

What worries me is my boys, (11 months and 3years) are growing up in a world where everything is online, interactive and accessible through some form of technology. Does this mean that they won't grow up learning how to play outside and do all of the fun stuff that I did?

Consider the iPad – iPad was invented and built by grown ups who had to play outside when they were kids. Fast forward to our current generation where the majority of kids sit inside staring at…an iPad.

This brings me to the startling truth: If we allow the current generation to be satisfied thinking within a 9.7 inch box, we could rob them of the curiosity and creativity that it took to build that very device they are holding. If we don't limit easy entertainment from our children, they may never learn to create their own.

The majority of us have heard someone say ’But it's easier to plop them down with the iPad’ or, “they’ll throw a fit if they don't get to play with my iPhone.’ But, if we embrace new technology, you can cleverly get your kids more active, more often. For example - Pokemon Go - what a clever and fun way to get the kids to come on a long family walks, discovering new places, monuments, and historical areas! Plus, with features such as the Apple Health app, and hundreds of other health/fitness related apps available to download, you can  encourage your tech-loving children to focus on doing physical activity - using health apps as an incentive.

I believe we should also be limiting screen time for our children. Kids have such wonderful imaginations, and it's so important to take them on adventures, discovering the endless possibilities of curiosity and dreams.

Let's raise a generation of kids that build bird houses and do sprinkler shows. A generation that plants bean seeds, oak leaves or whatever their minds dream up.

Their future depends on us.

‘To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk’ – Thomas A. Edison

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