What a Difference a Day Makes...


We received this lovely story from a parent of a child who attends Premier Sport sessions - truly inspirational!...

"Zids received his very first wrist band for good attitude, when he was just 4 years old - this tiny little 4 year old stood on the pitch next to his coach, Mr. Gammon, in tears and within 20 minutes he was running around with the ball.

2 years on, he now has 13 bands and has had the trophy home a dozen times for player of the match. I am truly grateful to Premier Sport. He's just joined the village team and he is really good; the skills and techniques he has learnt with Premier Sport has got him playing for a club now. Football is now a massive part of his life and that's all thanks to his coach at Premier Sport - Mr Gammon and Mr Bailey.

He will always remember his 1st day at football and he looks forward to going every Friday"

- Accia Sharpe, Mother.