Our beginners guide to a healthy lifestyle…


Everyone wants to be healthy, especially when you have kids - you want what's best for them, and for them to grow up to live happy, healthy, active lifestyles. Adapting your lifestyle to include healthy eating and exercise can seem a little daunting at first - but there's simple steps you can take, which makes it much easier...

1. Make a list

Write down the things that you would like to change. Whether it's the types of food you eat, portion sizes, snacking, exercise or activity related - add it to your list. You can then add a healthy alternative next to each item on the list of current negatives.

2. Make small changes

You don't have to cut things out completely to start with - you can start small and gradually make bigger and bigger changes - it will end up coming naturally to you. For example, if you drink five cups of coffee a day - cut it down to four cups of coffee a day for the first couple of weeks, and then gradually cut down until you are consuming your target amount.

3. Have fun!

Discover new things, try new activities, and travel to new places. Trying new things or exploring a new area will allow you to get active, without even realising it - because you're  too busy having fun!

So there you have it - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! For more advice on getting fit and eating well, visit the Premier Transition website and see how busy parents can benefit from fitness classes following the school run, to nutritional advice and motivational facts, plus fitness sessions within the community - and much more!