Premier Foundation - Supporting Young People...


As a not for profit charity the Premier Foundation focuses on working within the community to engage with Young People who are disengaged, disadvantaged or classed as “hard to reach” by providing them with opportunities which they may not have previously had exposure to.

The Premier Foundation uses the power of physical activity and performing arts as a vehicle not only to make a real difference to the health and well being of the nation but to actively change lives of young people, building skills and personal development uplifting them to aspire to more.  Using sport, physical activity and performing arts in combination with this can change the pre determined path that may have been set out for a young person.

The Premier Foundation wants to elevate Young People who may have less opportunity to fulfil their potential in life due to the economic, social and cultural barriers they may face, and therefore to diminish social inequalities

By providing free, fun and accessible physical activity and performing arts session to young people and communities like this, we aim to get young people more active more often and develop a passion for physical activity and positive engagement. Our overarching goal is to foster a nation of individuals and communities who believe that physical activity is a daily priority.

We also use the medium of physical activity and performing arts to provide young unemployed people with pathways to education and employment. Youth crime rates in England and Wales are increasing. Organised sports and performing arts programmes can contribute to reducing youth crime by giving young people a positive identity, a feeling of empowerment and by passing on skills such as leadership, teamwork and self governance. The impact of these interventions has seen a reduction in anti social behaviour and the risk of further exclusion.

These children are our workforce of tomorrow, Premier Foundation provides fun and exciting solutions to tackles these issues.We need your help to continue our work in supporting Young People like Connor...


Donating to the Premier Foundation really does make a difference.

Help us by donating £1, £3, £5, £10 or an amount of your choice. 

The cost for a Young People who is disengaged, disadvantaged or classed as “hard to reach” to take part in our programme for one hour is only £2.95.

Please remember that a valuable donation of just £3 helps towards providing a young person with a first time experience of structured physical activity or performing arts; you would be helping us to actively changing lives.