Premier Sport supports 24in24 for Capella Foundation


In May of this year, Jason Carter, a Premier Activity Professional from Bath decided to take on a monster challenge: completing 24 events – running, swimming, car pulling, boxing, fitness classes, yoga and more – in just 24 hours, raising money for the wonderful Capella Foundation!

“A group of one hundred people took on the 24in24 challenge, calling ourselves ‘The Wolfpack’!  As a group we had to run, swim, dance, row, and in many cases, drag ourselves through each gruelling event! The 24 hours was a tough ask, but The Wolfpack’s strong team spirit prevailed, and nobody was left behind as we pulled through the 24 hours for this fantastic cause.

The 24in24 challenge is an annual event organised by the amazing Capella Foundation - a charity focused on increasing awareness of pre and post-natal complications, raising money to support medical research. The charity was established by Mat and Lucy Britton, close friends of mine, who have worked so hard with Capella Foundation for many years, and are an inspiration to all who know them.”

Following a lot of support from people and organisations in his area, Jason wanted to express his gratitude to those who had backed him in the build up to, and throughout the 24in24 challenge:

“A big thank you to all those who provided sponsorship, and an extra special thank you to Premier Sport and Bathampton Primary School, who sponsored my t-shirts for the event. As part of our push to raise awareness, Premier Sport Bristol and Bath delivered a mini 24in24 at Bathampton Primary School, which was an enormous success. Each child in the school completed 24 minutes of continuous, varied exercises. A massive thank you to all the pupils, school staff and our staff at Premier Sport.”

The children at Bathampton Primary School loved getting active with the mini 24in24 challenge, and many felt inspired by Jason’s courageous challenge - to keep active and continue trying new sports and activities. 

If your children would love to try something new head to to see what’s on offer!