What would you rather give up? TV, Wine or Starbucks?


Giving up one of your sins can be a big step towards living a healthier lifestyle. Whether it's the amount of TV you watch, the glasses of wine that accompany it, or your daily trip to Starbucks for a caffeine fix on your morning commute - it's the little things that add up.

I admit it,  I am guilty of enjoying a nice glass of wine on a Friday night - something to wind down with, whilst you have the friends over. But thousands of people this month will be taking part in Sober for October to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

We take a lot for granted in this day and age, including our luxuries - but it's good to give things up, even if it is just for a month - to give your body a detox, increase your energy levels, and do something for charity!

But what are the health benefits?

Here's what - the top 5 benefits of giving up the vino!...

1. You get a better night's sleep

2. You'll consume less food at dinner time

3. You'll save money by not buying alcohol

4. Your risk of cancer falls

5. Say goodbye to hangovers!

Inspired you to go sober for October? Check out the official website here for all the info, plus fundraising instructions.


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